Advanced Arduino Code

This is more complex Arduino (i.e. “spinal column”) code.  It is designed to receive both simple messages (e.g. “F” for forward) and to receive more complex messages that allow the “brain” to set the speed of the motors.  In addition, this code is designed to work with three different body types:

  1. Skidsteer bots with 2 DC motors
  2. Servo controlled RC cars in which one servo controls the steering and one servo controls the drive speed.
  3. Skidsteer bots controlled with 2 servos (listed as the underwater crawler or just crawler in the code).  Typically these are robots with two large skidsteer motors which are controlled via servo signals.

The details of how to connect the motors to the Arduino for each body type and the format of the different types of messages are all in the code as comments.

The Code: ArduinoCotsBotsRCController

Additional Documentation: DocumentationArduinoCotsBotsRCController

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