Semi-autonomous, tele-operation

Thanks to Dallas’ hard work we can now have (small) armies of semi-autonomous, tele-operated bots.  webPageInterface2The bots do color following and stream their video to a webpage.  The operator drives the bot at the front of the line via a virtual joystick (see image) and the rest of the bots follow along.  BUT, if any of the bots get stuck or lose sight of the bot in front of them, they stop and ask for help.  The operator can take over the lost bot, get it back on track, and then set it back to autonomous control.

The figure on the left is taken from the web interface.  The top image is from the lead bot under manual control.  The bottom two images are from the next two bots in line.  They are autonomously following the green ball mounted on the bot in front of them note the targeting box), but the operator can grab the virtual joystick and take over anytime.

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